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Ready or Not - the World Is Dramatically Changing.
Are You Ready?
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You will Discover Entry at Vortex Worldwide.

This Fresh Approach Publication addresses every aspect of human life.

We cover the basic, nuts and bolts information, to advanced levels of education and business, to innovative ways to increase entire well being, including financial.

Topics range from:

Motivation and Encouragement - information that gets you places.
Health, Fitness & Nutrition - alternative and practical approaches to health and wellness.
Alternative Education - focused and effective methods to fast paced learning.
Business Opportunities - local, national & international.

The Economy - how to avoid lower class status.
World Markets - gain access to worldwide stock exchanges.
Product & Service Affiliation - generate income from products and services you already use.
World Marketing - establish income through worldwide advertising.
Real Estate - gain additional income streams through advanced real estate methods.
Business Co-op - learn the power of duplication and team effort to compete in global markets.

Truth, Honesty and Integrity - get the facts and legitimate opportunities that work specifically for you.
Enjoyment - gain the freedom of independence with time management and financial success.
Gain Peace, Contentment & Satisfaction with Life - eliminate the slave mentality of big business.
Outreach - position yourself with time and means to support worthy causes important to you.

Experience Whole Body Solutions:

Intellectual, Physical, Emotional, Financial & Spiritual aspects of life.

Be careful to read each issue with earnestness. The installments in this series are in a specific order to generate a well grounded, far reaching outcome for you in one year. At that time, we will advance into an accelerated mode of performance.

This can produce for you a forward-thinking lifestyle. It will be conducive to the success and victory you desire to obtain in a progressive time frame. There is no need to fear the future. Rather, it is essential to plan and direct your path.

It's time for you to generate the most beneficial aspects of life through innovation, growth and development. Produce the full featured life of health and prosperity you've always wanted. Acquire the peaceful sound mind necessary to bring you into this cutting edge time of information and insight.
You're not getting younger. Daily expenses will only escalate. You missed out on the life you've always wanted long enough. Together, we can get there promptly and professionally.

List of Initial Publications:



  • 4 Pillars of a Pure Heart and a Sound Mind
  • The 3 Foundations Necessary to Obtain the 4 Pillars
  • Feelings & Emotions - What are they? Can they be controlled?
  • Unique is not Strange
  • Business in a Changing World
  • How Can I Compete with Big Business?
These are just the beginning...

It is imperative to have the sharpest mind with an upbeat attitude. Your character is to be solid and your thoughts uplifted. Success is for those who seriously step out to obtain it. Victory comes to those who endure every trial with at least a half a smile.
Both success and victory are but a few steps away for each of us; regardless how you currently think or feel about it.
  1. The media bombards you with negativity and hopelessness.
  2. Big business makes you feel deprived of opportunity. They make you feel as if you greatly owe them for the meager income they provide you. Yet, they provide no security at all.
  3. The governments are forcing their people (you and me) into bankruptcy.
  4. Typical religions laden you with guilt trips and try to make you feel poorly about yourself. They fail to direct you in the Path of Hope, Light, the Reality of Eternity, and your Sure Way to get there. They try to impress you with rules without a relationship. God is looking for relationships. As the relationship solidifies, all other pieces of the puzzle find their place almost without effort.
It's time to uncover the truths of life. It's time to see through deception. It's time to call corruption what it is.
  • You won't find any publications as far reaching and real as these. Don't take my word; test them yourself.
  • You will be challenged to use your own mind and think for yourself. You won't be belittled.
  • You will be highly encouraged to grow in leaps and bounds. There is no time to waste.
  • You will be encouraged to think in ways that will make you feel really good about yourself and your future.
Have you become numb because of the way media portrays world conditions? It's time to regain your tender sensitivities and affectionate feelings for life.

Considering the economy, we must pick up the pace. The financial crunch has already taken its toll on many individuals and families. It will worsen soon, so we have to aggressively move forward. The business co-ops are effective ways to increase the income of many in a short time frame. We have no choice but to quickly come together.

For that reason:

Start thinking what you want for your life.

  • What are your skills, talents and abilities?
  • What do you currently do for a living?
  • What other professions and skills do you have?
  • What do you want to do for "a" living?
  • What do you want to do for living?
  • Are you an inventor? Do you have ideas for inventions?
  • Are you are writer? Do you want to write?
  • Can you do "how to" videos? Do you want to learn how?
  • Do you know how to write software programs or online tools?
  • What do you know, or what do you have that can be duplicated or manufactured?

You will find out how to use this information and these skills very soon.

The best way to start a business today is with very low overhead and very few steps. This can be accomplished through cooperating together through a cooperative style business platform. We can build our own worldwide markets.
Teamwork works. If you want uncomplicated success, there is no better way to get ahead, and get ahead quickly, than by working together with a warm and tender team spirit.

To Join us, Send an Email to:

Please put "asapJOE" in the subject line, and your first and last name in the email - this will assure you priority status. You will also receive your first publication within the next couple of days. Watch for them. It will say WEEKLY PUBLICATION in the subject line.

"Enjoy your life; no one else can do it for you." --- Joe Hessel

"You control your destiny a whole lot more than you may be willing to believe." --- Joe Hessel

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Respectfully yours,



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